Autex Cascade

Providing a sense of calm to open plan spaces.

A collection of acoustic hanging screens that visually fall from the ceiling.

Your open plan environments never need to feel overwhelming.

Autex Cascade acoustic panels bring you the most stylish and forward-thinking solution to create privacy.

Available in a range of modern colours, Cascade hanging acoustic panels can be custom printed or cut to allow light and line of sight to penetrate through, leaving the feeling of open space while creating spatial privacy.

Cascade Lookbook

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Cascade Install Instructions

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Cascade Manufacturer’s Guarantee

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Cascade Care and Maintenance

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Autex Cascade Features:

  • Great acoustic performance; reduces noise and echo
  • Available in three styles; Static, Fold and Expanding
  • Wide range of modern colours and designs
  • Simple to install, complete high quality fixing system
  • Customisable
  • Made in New Zealand

Providing endless design and branding options our Cascade acoustic foam panels are customisable.

Autex Cascade Customisation:

  • Print any high-resolution image onto the acoustic panel
  • Wide range of modern colours
  • Custom cutting options


When acoustic absorption is properly considered in open plan environments it enhances speech intelligibility, improves productivity and performance.

Fusing great design with superb acoustic performance, Cascade by Autex has been created to offer a way to visually separate open plan spaces.

Cascade, just like its name suggests, is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that simply fall from the ceiling in unique patterns designed with your privacy in mind.

The team at Nomadtika can supply and install Autex Cascade acoustic panels to improve the acoustic performance of your space.