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Nomadtika’s uncompromising commitment to quality finishing is the cornerstone of the business ethos. All installers are highly trained and are full time Nomadtika staff members. A culture of continuous training provides our installers with platforms to grow and improve their skill sets as well as ensure the next generation continue to uphold our stringent quality control standards.

Install techniques and methods are discussed and improved at weekly toolbox meetings and all team members are encouraged to assist with further developing robust policy and procedures. We take a huge sense of pride in being associated with quality finishing and are well prepared for new challenges provided by the innovative design team at Autex Industries.

An expert is “a person who is very knowledgable about or skillful in a particular area”. Surely your upcoming project deserves no less than “expert” advice and service?

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  • When we have an exciting new product like ETCH specified in a high-profile job (such as BUPA) we rely on our top installers to step up. Nomadtika did exactly that. Their overall understanding of the job coupled with their planning, attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship all combined to achieve an amazing result. The speed with which they have mastered our brand new ETCH product illustrates their passion for quality finishing and gives us (and designers) confidence to continue exploring the possibilities.

    Marcel Herbke - AutexAuckland Sales Manager

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