Autex Symphony

Acoustic and decorative acoustic wall fabric

Developed as an alternative to wallpaper, Autex Symphony is an acoustic wallcovering that manages reverberated noise while providing a decorative, durable interior solution.

Autex Symphony acoustic fabric is a stylish and forward-thinking solution to improve acoustics in your environment.

Available in over 25 premium colours, Symphony acoustic fabric has a smooth sophisticated flat finish and offers unlimited branding and design options.

Symphony reduces the need for lengthy wall preparation and painting, being directly adhered to the wall substrate.

Perfect for use on vertical surfaces, Symphony acoustic wallcovering can transform walls into acoustic notice boards and pin boards.

Symphony Lookbook

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Symphony Data Sheet

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Symphony Install Instructions

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Symphony Manufacturer’s Guarantee

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Symphony Care and Maintenance

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Autex Symphony Applications

Suitable for use in any interior space, Autex Symphony decorative acoustic wall covering is ideal for:

  • Commercial offices
  • Education sectors
  • Theatres
  • Libraries
  • Retail
  • Hospitality Industry

Autex Symphony Features:

  • Excellent acoustic performance; reduces noise and echo
  • Varied functionality including pinboard surface
  • Available in over 25 sophisticated colours
  • Customisable; limitless design and branding options through custom cutting
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install
  • Manufactured using at least 60% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Made in New Zealand

Providing endless design and branding options our Symphony acoustic wallcovering is customisable.

Autex Symphony Customisation:

  • Over 25 modern colours
  • Custom cutting options

Autex Symphony Acoustic Performance

When acoustic absorption is considered in internal environments it enhances speech intelligibility, improves productivity and performance.

Fusing great design with superb acoustic performance, Symphony by Autex has been developed as an alternative to wallpaper and designed to control and reduce echo (reverberated noise) in interior environments.

The flat pile finish offers an alternative to velour “fluffy” finishes for spaces that need a more streamlined look.

As an Autex preferred supplier, Nomadtika can supply and install Autex Symphony acoustic wallcoverings to liven up your space and enhance acoustic performance.