Autex Etch

A visual layer of expression

Etch by Autex is a visual layer of expression, a wall fabric combining design, colour and texture.

Etch is suited for overlaying directly to your chosen surface or can be used with one of Autex’s acoustic backing options to provide a high performing acoustic solution.

Your Etch wall fabric is a decorative, functional and durable interior finish suitable for commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail, hospitality and educational interiors.

Etch Lookbook

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Etch Pattern Repeat

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Etch Install Instructions

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Etch Manufacturer’s Guarantee

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Care and Maintenance

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For product enquiry

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Autex Etch Features:

  • Palette of 28 colours available
  • Available in 15 standard patterns or Etch your own custom design
  • Lightweight, easy to handle material
  • Customisable
  • Made from a minimum of 90% recycled material
  • Made in New Zealand and Australia

Etch acoustic wall coverings provide limitless branding and design possibilities with in-house custom cutting.

Autex Etch Customisation:

  • Custom cut and design available
  • Modern colour range


Whilst Autex Etch does not have any acoustic properties, it can be paired with excellent sound absorbing materials like Quietspace panel or Cube. These acoustic panels are the perfect interior solution; designed to control and reduce reverberated (echo) noise in any interior space.

The team at Nomadtika can supply and install Autex Etch wall fabric to improve the acoustic performance of your space.