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Nomadtika supplies and installs Autex acoustic & decorative wall and ceiling products. Often referred to as acoustic tiles or soundproof foam, our Autex panels NZ are quality acoustic treatments. The materials range from purely functional to bespoke finishes and works of art.

Get to know our range of Autex panels and acoustic products…

Autex Composition

Add a vibrant feature to your environment and reduce reverberated noise.

Autex Cube

A lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panel with sound absorbing properties.

Autex Etch

A wall fabric combining design, colour and texture. Creating a visual layer of expression.

Autex Cascade

A collection of acoustic hanging screens that simply fall from the ceiling.

Autex Quietspace Panel

Durable, light-weight and semi-rigid, the market leader in controlling reverberated noise.

Autex Vertiface

A wallcovering that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Autex Symphony

Developed to manage reverberated noise and create modern durable interior solutions.

Autex Quietspace 3D Tiles

A modular acoustic wall tile designed to create a contemporary finish with acoustic control.

Autex Composition Peel ‘n’ Stick Acoustic Tiles

A self adhesive simple modular solution for acoustic design.

Cove Banner Acoustic Panels

Autex Cove

A simple acoustic panel for privacy in open plan settings. Available in three unique styles.

Autex Quietspace Horizon

Target multiple frequency levels across a single space with the adjustable suspension system.

Autex Quietspace Lattice

Ideal for controlling the echo of background chatter and reducing reverberated noise.

Autex Workstation

A sustainable and sophisticated acoustic solution for office dividers and partitions.

Autex Quietspace Frontier

Modular fins that can be arranged and spaced in countless formations.

Autex Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles

Vibrant and visually appealing 3-dimensional ceiling tile that maintains acoustic balance.

Autex Quietspace Accent Ceiling Tiles

High performing and aesthetically pleasing; ideal for sound control in open-plan areas.

All Autex acoustic products incorporate recycled materials and our adhesives are Green Star rated.

Autex wall coverings and Autex panels are a type of acoustic or soundproof foam, specifically designed to solve sound problems in your environment…


Why Nomadtika

Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of acoustic panels NZ. We supply and install the full range of Autex acoustic panels and decorative wall and ceiling products to the highest of standards.

Through our high-end finishing skills in installation we have become the preferred supplier of Autex products in New Zealand.

Whether your space is used for office work, industry, hospitality, performance or recording, Autex panels and Autex wall coverings will eliminate your sound problems…

Our cohesive design consultation, quote and installation process provides customised acoustic solutions to suit your space, your budget and your timeframe. The team takes pride in giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with completing their projects without hiccups.

  • I really enjoyed working with Damon and the team at Nomadtika on this project. Their technical advice and assistance with specification bridged the gap between manufacturer and designer. Looking forward to more successful projects in the future.

    AndyRCG | Architect
  • The team at Nomadtika were a pleasure to deal with. Damon’s patient and informative approach to or multiple spaces and requirements was very much appreciated. We came in on Monday morning and all the works had been completed to a very high standard over the weekend. Thanks Nomadtika.

    Michael BowkerKPMG | Facilities Manager
  • When we have an exciting new product like ETCH specified in a high-profile job (such as BUPA) we rely on our top installers to step up. Nomadtika did exactly that. Their overall understanding of the job coupled with their planning, attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship all combined to achieve an amazing result. The speed with which they have mastered our brand new ETCH product illustrates their passion for quality finishing and gives us (and designers) confidence to continue exploring the possibilities.

    Marcel HerbkeAutex Auckland Sales Manager

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