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4 Misconceptions about Acoustics in the Workplace

29 September 2022
4 Misconceptions about Acoustics in the Workplace

Acoustical issues in the workplace can have a big impact on productivity. If you find it difficult to concentrate and get work done, this can be a sign that your office has poor acoustics. 

Acoustics is a complex science that can be difficult to understand. In this blog, we’re making it easier for you by debunking some common misconceptions about acoustics in your workplace. 

Larger Spaces Provide Better Speech Privacy

This is a myth. While it may seem like having a larger space would prevent those nearby from overhearing conversations, increasing the size of a workspace has almost no impact on speech privacy. In fact, doubling its area makes almost no impact on sound quality. 

Increasing the size of your workplace is not only unhelpful but also impractical. Instead, look for ways to cover or absorb sound. 

High Partitions Will Block Most Sound

This is incorrect because installing high partitions can actually make your workplace louder. If you want to install partitions, then choose lower ones. Low partitions with absorptive ceiling, floor and wall surfaces can be more effective in preventing sound from reflecting.

High partitions are ineffective at blocking sound and can cause people to talk louder. This is because they assume the partition gives them more privacy and they are unable to hear how the sound leaks into adjacent workspaces. 

For some effective options for partitions that absorb sound, check out our customisable Autex Cove acoustic dividers.

Doors will Eliminate Sound

Just because a door is closed does not mean that it will prevent sound from entering the room. Its materials, style, and seals will affect its sound absorption. For example, doors that have hinges and seal properly will provide the best protection. Glass or sliding doors are best to avoid because they have a low Sound Transmission Class rating.

Improving Acoustics is Expensive

Fixing acoustical issues doesn’t have to be expensive. It requires the ability to diagnose problems effectively and find the right solution. It’s best to work with an acoustics professional to understand the issues in your space. 

While some acoustic solutions may be expensive, there are simple things you can do instead for a small price. Sometimes all it takes is reconfiguring an office layout, or installing sound-absorbing materials like carpet, cushions or our affordable range of acoustic wall and ceiling products.  

Looking For Acoustic Solutions For Your Space?

Whether it’s a home, office, or restaurant, including acoustic materials in your interior design will drastically improve the space’s functionality and overall ambiance.

If you need acoustic services, products or installation, the team at Nomadtika have you covered. Contact us for a tailored acoustic solution to suit your space today!