About Project

Phil Smith from Collingridge and Smith Architects was engaged by the Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association to design an Early Learning Centre in the new suburb of Hobsonville Point. With such beautiful surrounds, one of the key components of the build was highlighting the relationship with the natural environment. This was achieved by utilising large expanses of glass as internal and external facades.  Phil understood how this would impact the acoustics of the Learning spaces and Nomadtika were called upon to assist in specifying and installing Acoustic panels in the only space left to them: the ceiling.

The brief: After the success of the acoustics in the original build the centre increased its license from 60 to 80 children. This meant a re-purposing of the Atrium space to allow staff and children to use it as a teaching environment.


Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre

The Challenge

The difficulty was to incorporate the original specification in a vaulted, angled ceiling where full panels would not fit the dimension of the available real estate.

Our Solution

Hand cut Quiet Space panels installed parallel to the internal line of the ceilings provided enough Acoustic medium to achieve functionality in the space. The soaring atrium area now functions well as an additional learning environment to complement the original learning spaces.

Project Complimentary

The Acoustic treatment made the space more usable. It has significantly reduced the echo and made it a more pleasant working environment. We came in one day and the work had been completed overnight. Thanks Nomadtika.

Natalie | Hobsonville Point ELC. | Teacher

Products used in the project

Quietspace Panel