About Project

The French Cafe has a beautiful private room incorporating a kitchen behind the main restaurant. The period building has polished timber floors and concrete/glass walls.

The brief: provide subtle acoustic treatment to an external wall to reduce the reverberation in the space using a fabric chosen by the client.


The French Café

Our Solution

The specified fabric needs to be replaced every few years to maintain a colour consistency with the paint. Nomadtika specified Autex 50mm Quiet Space panels. The rigid front face of the material ensures a reusable substrate for the cyclic recovering of the material.

The result

An intimate dining space where the quality of the acoustics reflect the high standard of service and cuisine befitting one of Auckland’s premier high-end restaurants.

Project Complimentary

We really appreciated the assistance from Nomadtika with the acoustic project in the private room. They were mindful of providing a solution which long term was cost effective without compromising quality. Thanks for the great job team.

Creghan Molloy-Wright | The French Café Owner

Products used in the project

Quietspace Panel