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Acoustic Solutions: Why Is Acoustic Testing So Important?

09 August 2021
Acoustic Solutions: Why Is Acoustic Testing So Important?

A noisy office, restaurant or workplace can be frustrating and unproductive. This is because how sound moves through a space impacts our experience. 

If you’re looking to improve the sound of your space, the best answer is acoustic testing. With acoustic testing, you can control the way sound is reflected, diffused, and absorbed by surfaces, improving the quality of a space.

What Is Acoustic Testing?

Acoustic testing lets you determine how well your space is currently performing and find a solution to suit your needs. 

It helps to diminish high levels of noise from traffic, neighbours, music, talking, and other sources. Acoustic testing assists manufacturers to determine how to design products that create the best acoustics for a space.

To assess your space, acoustic testing measures the Reverberation Time (RT). Reverberation time is the time required for a sound to fade away in a closed space. 

The national standard for RT is between 0.7 and 1 seconds, but many older buildings’ RT far exceeds this. If the space’s RT is too high, it will be almost unusable due to the amount of echo.

How Acoustic Testing Can Improve Your Space

Each space is different, making it difficult to predict how sound waves will react within it. The acoustics of a room will depend on the shape and size of the room and the materials used in walls, floor and ceiling. 

Through acoustic testing, you can find the right balance, softening, dispersing and diffusing the sound to reduce any unpleasant echo and distortion. Once acoustic testing is completed for your space, we can determine the most effective acoustic solutions and products for the best quality sound in your space.

There are many different strategies to deal with acoustic challenges. From installing panels to carpets to different materials for chairs, there are many ways to absorb sound.

Does Your Space Need An Acoustic Appraisal?

At Nomadtika, we use acoustic appraisals and testing to provide you with the most accurate recommendations of acoustic solutions for your space. 

Talk to our team of acoustic experts today to find the right solution for you.