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The Process of Improving Acoustics in Community Halls

20 July 2021
The Process of Improving Acoustics in Community Halls

In big spaces, like community halls, echoes may seem inevitable.

However, with the right equipment, products, process and expertise, you’re able to almost completely eliminate the reverberation in the space, improving the usability and environment of your community hall.

Previously, Nomadtika has carried out acoustic improvement projects in community halls… check out our work on the Sunderland Community Hall here (pictured above).

Being such a large space, the process to improve the acoustics of a community hall requires some thought…

Step 1: Measure The RT

The Reverberation Time (RT) is the first thing you should check to determine the current acoustic performance of the space.

The national standard for RT is between 0.7 and 1 seconds, but many older buildings’ RT far exceeds this. If the space’s RT is too high, it will be almost unusable due to the amount of echo.

Once this is determined, your acoustic expert can tailor a solution that will best fit the space to get it 

Step 2: Determine Where Acoustic Solutions Can Be Installed

Depending on the community hall, where the acoustic materials can be installed will need careful consideration. 

For example, some may be heritage listed which means you will need to be particularly careful. 

Often, the ceiling and walls are a good place to install the materials but having an acoustic expert assess the place can be a good idea to ensure everything goes to plan.

Step 3: Choose The Right Materials

There are a range of acoustic products to choose from. The particular products needed depend on a range of things, including: existing acoustic performance, functionality and the configuration of the space. 

As well as acoustic functionality, the aesthetics of the community centre need to be considered. With custom acoustic panels and a variety of colours, the right acoustic product can be found to fit the style of the space in addition to the acoustic issues.

Step 4: Install

Now is the time to put your plans in place. It’s best to get an acoustics installation specialist like the team at Nomadtika to do this, to ensure that the products are installed correctly and will work effectively. 

Step 5: Check The RT

The final step is to ensure that your acoustic solution has worked by remeasuring the RT.

If this is lowered and between the national standard, consider your acoustics improved! Now, your community hall will be functional, usable and a much more pleasant place to be in. 

Have Acoustic Issues In Your Space?

Whether it’s a community hall, gymnasium, home, office or restaurant, eliminating echos is going to drastically improve the functionality of the space, making speech intelligible and improve the ambience.

If you need acoustic services, products or installation, the team at Nomadtika have you covered.

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