The Secret to Reducing Echo In a Space

08 April 2021
The Secret to Reducing Echo In a Space

Hearing your voice bounce off the walls of a room might be entertaining for the first few minutes, but an echoey room can get old, fast.

In essence, echoes are sound waves that are reflected off surfaces, multiple times.

These surfaces are usually made of harder materials that don’t absorb sound well, consequently creating the echo.

Echoes can make speech intelligible and a room all round unpleasant to be in. 

It isn’t that difficult to reduce echoes either… you just have to know the secret!

It’s As Simple As… Installing Sound-Absorbing Materials

As echoes occur from sound waves being reflected from non-absorbent surfaces, it makes sense that the secret to reducing them is to install materials and products that absorb sound.

Typically, sound-absorbing items are those made of softer materials. These can be things like:

  • Curtains
  • Plants
  • Tapestry wall hangings
  • Fabric covered chairs and booths
  • Carpet

These will make your space significantly more pleasant to be in, improving the ambience of your space without impacting your personal style… in fact, it could even help to enhance your aesthetics.

However, these items can only go so far. While they help to reduce echoes, they haven’t been designed specifically to do so. 

This is where acoustics products can help.

What Are Acoustic Products?

Acoustic products are specially designed items that help to eliminate echoing and improve the acoustics of any space. 

There are numerous different types and styles of acoustic products available, ranging from:

These are just a few of what is available. At Nomadtika, we offer a range of Autex and Quietspace designs, as well as product recommendation services, to get your space the best acoustics possible. 

Need Acoustic Solutions?

If your office, restaurant or home has an echo problem, Nomadtika can get your acoustics back in order.

For more information about our services, talk to the team today.