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What is Acoustic Testing – The Simple Explanation

08 June 2021
What is Acoustic Testing – The Simple Explanation

Acoustics is the study of sound, noise, and vibrations. Spaces with poor acoustics will have a negative impact on the enjoyment and wellbeing of their occupants.

Understanding how sound moves through space is important because windows, walls, and doors need to diminish the transfer of unwanted sound into other areas.

Acoustic testing helps diminish high levels of noise from traffic, neighbours, music, talking, and other sources. Acoustic testing helps manufacturers determine how to design products that create the best acoustics for a space.

So, what affects the acoustics of a space?

Each space is different, making it difficult to predict how sound waves will react within it and therefore the quality of sound. The acoustics of a room will depend on:

  • The shape and size of the room
  • The materials used in walls, floor and ceiling

Acoustic testing allows you to control the way sound is reflected, diffused, and absorbed by surfaces and to improve the quality of a space.

What does acoustic testing measure?

Acoustic testing measures the sound performance of surfaces, including:

  • Airborne sound insulation of walls, floors, doors and windows
  • Impact sound insulation of floors and walls
  • Impact sound reduction of floor coverings
  • Sound absorption of materials and objects
  • Sound absorption and acoustic impedance
  • Sound power level of sources
  • Airflow resistance of acoustic materials
  • Loss factor of vibration damping materials

Acoustic testing is an essential part of any Acoustic Appraisal and helps you to find the right balance, softening, dispersing and diffusing the sound to reduce any unpleasant echo and distortion. Once acoustic testing is completed for your space, you can find acoustic solutions for the best quality sound.
There are many different strategies to deal with acoustic challenges. From installing panels to carpets to different materials for chairs, there are many ways to absorb sound and find a balance.

Acoustics is a complex science and best left up to the professionals…

Acoustic Appraisals

Whether you’re in the midst of an office makeover or simply unsure how to improve your office acoustics, getting an acoustic expert to have a look is a smart move…

Professional acoustic companies like Nomadtika offer Acoustic Appraisals that assess the Reverberation Time of your office and provide an informed proposal for an acoustic solution to suit your space and budget.

At Nomadtika, we offer Acoustic Appraisals, product recommendations and expert installation for all your acoustic needs. Contact Us today!