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What to do with an Echoey Space? The Sound Absorbing Options

21 December 2021
What to do with an Echoey Space? The Sound Absorbing Options

Having an echoey space in your home or office may be fun for a short while, to hear your voice bouncing off the walls, but pretty soon it’s going to become frustrating.

An echoey space can be unproductive, noisy and generally uncomfortable to spend time in. Whether you’re working, studying, or just trying to have some peace and quiet, an echoey space will be disruptive.

Echoes are sound waves that reflect off surfaces multiple times. These surfaces are usually made of harder materials that don’t absorb sound well, and so create an echo.

Luckily, reducing echoes in any internal space is simple…

The best way to improve an echoey space is to install sound absorbing materials. There are plenty of options available to suit your needs, budget, and the design of your space. Here are our top tips on what to do with an echoey space.

1. Install sound absorbing materials: Since echoes are reflected off hard surfaces, the best way to reduce them is to install materials that absorb sound. Sound-absorbing items are made from softer materials. These include:

  • Curtains
  • Plants
  • Tapestry wall hangings
  • Fabric-covered chairs
  • Carpet

2. Cover walls and windows: Wall and window coverings also help to reduce the amount of sound that is being reflected off hard surfaces. Heavy curtains and draperies help to muffle sound and reduce echo.

3. Use softer flooring: While hardwood floors may look nice, they can add to the noise and echoes in a space. To reduce echoes, use softer flooring materials or install carpets and rugs to absorb sound.

4. Look at your furniture: The types of furniture you have in your space and the material that it’s made from can also affect the room’s acoustics. For example, wooden chairs on hard floors are going to make a lot of noise. Try adding cushions or throws to absorb sound. You can also install dividers or partitions to break up your space and improve its acoustics.

5. Turn to the experts: If you’re looking for specialised acoustic solutions for your space, then turn to the experts at Nomadtika. We have a wide range of specially designed acoustic products that can help reduce echoes in your space. These include:


Looking To Improve The Acoustics Of Your Home?

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