How to Fix Acoustic Problems In The Office

13 October 2020
How to Fix Acoustic Problems In The Office

The health and wellbeing of employees should be a priority for business owners and employers.  And this includes noise in the office. Because a noisy office can play havoc with productivity…

Studies have found that reducing workplace noise can increase focus and productivity by up to 50% and increase absenteeism.

Is your office space a noisy place to work?

Luckily, there are all sorts of acoustic improvement ideas to help manage noise levels in the office, ranging from the highly technical to the beautifully simple.

Read on to find out how you can fix acoustic problems in your office…

Look to the floor:

The flooring you chose makes a huge difference in the sound quality of a room. The best flooring to reduce acoustic issues are:

  • Carpet absorbs sound and is one of the most effective ways to improve room acoustics
  • Cork, vinyl and rubber flooring can reduce the impact of noise if you prefer to have a hard floor surface
  • Underlay solutions can reduce noise when used under timber or tiled flooring

Stop sound going where it’s not wanted:

There are plenty of acoustic products that absorb sound and offer solutions for a variety of acoustic issues in the office, including:

At Nomadtika, we’re experts in acoustics and have solutions whatever the space, be it a recording studio, school hall or home office.

Reduce outside noise:

Depending on the extent of external noise your office is experiencing, these following options work to reduce outside sounds such as city traffic or construction noise:

  • Noise-cancelling windows
  • Sound blocking inserts
  • Noise reduction shades
  • Soundproof blinds


Although a little isolating, the use of headphones can work wonders to block out distracting office noises. Including the annoyingly loud team member, bleating about their soon to arrive Uber Eats order or the tiresome banter from the sales guys. 

Bring back the walls: 

Open plan office design…..does not offer the best acoustics….

  • Moveable walls
  • Partitions
  • Freestanding quiet rooms
  • Portable offices, booths and pods

Bring on the plants:

Plants are great at absorbing sound and create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere to any space. So, invest in creating a little indoor forest to reduce noise, add beauty and increase productivity and focus.

Get advice:

To properly fix acoustic problems in the office ask an expert like those at Nomadtika. We offer acoustic services such as:

    •  Acoustic Appraisals: conducted to determine the current Reverberation Time (RT) of a space. This information is used to create an acoustic proposal which ensures a solution to suit your needs.
    • Product recommendations: assist with product choices, installation details and process

Every office situation is different, so a combination of these noise reduction methods is often required to solve sound-related issues in the workplace.

Need help from an expert?

If you think your space requires an acoustic solution, contact our dedicated team at Nomadtika. Get in touch.