Acoustic Appraisals

The 5 Benefits of Acoustic Appraisals

12 July 2021
The 5 Benefits of Acoustic Appraisals

If your home, office, or business space is too noisy and you struggle to hear others or be productive, then you have a problem, and it might be time to get an acoustic appraisal.

An acoustic appraisal determines the current sound performance of a space and recommends solutions for better acoustics.

Sound affects us in various ways and can affect our ability to work, so it’s worth taking any acoustic issues seriously. An acoustic appraisal will identify the problem and help determine the best way to solve it.

And that’s not all acoustic appraisals are good for…

There are many benefits of getting an acoustic appraisal for your space…

Here are five reasons why an acoustic appraisal is the best way to improve the acoustics of your space:

1. Know current benchmark: An acoustic appraisal assesses the Reverberation Time of your space and presents an informed proposal for an acoustic solution. Once you know the current performance of your space, you can decide what needs improving and how much to spend.

2. Find solutions: An acoustic appraisal provides specific, tailored solutions to suit your space and budget. For example, if your office is too echoey, an effective solution would be to install acoustic materials to absorb the sound. At Nomadtika, we have a wide range of acoustic wall and ceiling coverings to suit your needs.

3. Set a budget: With an appraisal, you receive a proposal of how to improve your space’s acoustics. You can then set a budget for your project and choose cost-effective solutions for your budget.

4. Improve your productivity: With an acoustic appraisal, you can learn how to improve your space, whether it’s a noisy restaurant or an office. Sound affects our ability to work, by affecting productivity, stress levels, accuracy, and our health. With a simple solution like acoustic panels to absorb sound, you can drastically improve the productivity of your space.

5. Get expert advice: Acoustics is a complex science, best left up to professionals. While doing it yourself may sound cheaper, you can end up wasting money by buying various products that don’t effectively improve your acoustics. With professional advice and expert installation, you can upgrade your space for the future.

If you’re looking to improve the acoustics and performance of your space, getting an expert to have a look is a smart idea.

At Nomadtika, we offer acoustic appraisals, product recommendations, and expert installation for all your acoustic needs. Talk to our team today